Fashion Show.

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Fashion For All

Designer Diya John adds haute design to the city's growing need for high fashion

Diya John calls her store Salt to stress that subtlety in her design, embellishments and the colors she uses. A degree in style design from Acharya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Diya found herself in Kochi working for a television channel; all the while never ever losing her love of fashion.

Forever on the lookout for new analyses, her latest collection Brushstrokes has, instead of de-rigueur surface decoration, design painted on it. When you hear material paint, the conventional florals come to mind, however here they are abstract motifs in suppressed tones that offer the garments a style twist. I put on t like too much shine and glitter that reflects on my designs.

Diya has her own device, with embroiders, tailors and cutters, where she does her creating in partnership with her team of designers. The garments are more party or rather, elegant. Some have the peculiarity component while others spell clever, trendy. Her spouse John too is carefully associated with the work; in fact, he vets the designs. The couple spent a year on research, finding their niche. They needed to work around state of minds too, the doubt to wear certain styles.

We thought of starting a store, of curated designer wear, then we realized that Malayali women might not be comfy in those. That crystallized our decision to set out on our own. It was John’s concept that we make and retail on our own, she states. The garments are designed to emphasize the average Malayali woman s shape. One of their first collections was Sufi-inspired flared, mirror-worked attire was a big hit. Pushed they got bold with gathers, drapes, box-sleeves and so on. Slowly there is a noticeable change in attitudes. When our customers experiment with our designs, the feedback most likely is encouraging and they return for more.

Sometimes she is a striking model for her designs such as the sari-pant that she used for a function. It has been all word of mouth, individuals like and they ask and.

She is working on a number of new collections, but the one that she seems excited about is the Kanchipuram sari collection, which she is getting woven. The collection, she assures, will be various. She and her team have established butis/motifs these are largely western. It will offer a various spin to the standard understanding of a sari. Before that there is a linen sari collection that is set to present. Her plate is complete. She also undertakes personalized designing.

We don’t invest too much on these; we personally chip in to cut in the expenses. When you see a model using a garment it provides you a sense of it.